<We design and manufacture innovative solutions to optimize the product + packaging system throughout the distribution cycle>

We offer to the companies our own simulation transport technology to reproduce physical and mechanical risks associated with the goods distribution process, to improve quality, reduce damages and costs.


All our solutions are characterized by their cutting-edge technology, their intuitive use, their design and by complying with the security standards to guarantee the CE Mark. Furthermore, all of them meet a full range of test standards including ISTA, ASTM, ISO, EN or EUMOS, with the guarantee of maximum reliability and accuracy, simulating the reality in each test.


In addition, we offer high added value services based on our profound experience and expertise.



Our company is based on the 21 years of experience of its staff in the research and development of new methods and equipment for developing and optimizing distribution packaging.

Safe Load Testing Technologies is a spin-off of ITENE, a worldwide prestigious research institute, that promotes the scientific research, technological advancement, the development of information society and the promotion of sustainability in the packaging, logistics, transport and mobility areas.

Furthermore, as members of ISTA and EUMOS, we have completely committed ourselves to supply high quality, accurate and innovative technology in order to comply with the main tests and procedures.



Our company has focused and specialized on the design and development of innovative testing solutions for laboratories and universities, brand owners and packaging manufacturers.

Major names in the packaging film and stretch film industry have relied on our solutions and starting-up a complete laboratory in their plants around the world. As well as other big companies belonging to the beverage sector, chemical industries, ceramics industry or packaging manufacture.

Our know-how and expertise, the development of several patents, our R&D department and our ad-hoc solutions for the optimization of the product + packaging systems, make our customers FEEL THE INNOVATION.