<Performs the simulation of drops and rotational impacts that affect packages and products during handling and distribution. The tester can simulate flat, edge or corner drops>

Technical Specifications

  • Max. Drop height 2m
  • Maximum load 1200 kg
  • Steel guided drop carriage
  • Steel impact surface (carriage hides beneath)
  • Hydraulic dampers
  • Pneumatic actuator for ensuring perfect free fall

Drop tests supported

  • EN 15552:2008 Packaging: Complete, filled transport packages and unit loads. Performance testing schedules for common distribution chains.
  • ASTM D4169-16 Standard practice for performance testing of shipping containers and systems.
  • ASTM D7386-16 Standard practice for performance testing of packages for single parcel delivery system.
  •  ISTA Procedures 1A, B, C, D, G, H; 2A, B, C; 3A, B, F; K; 4 Series; 6-FEDEX; 6-SAMSCLUB, 6-AMAZON.COM.

Complies with

  •  EN 22248:1992, ISO 2248:1985 (2016) Complete, filled transport packages. Method for determination of resistance to vertical impact by dropping.
  • ASTM D5276-98 (2017) Standard test method for drop test of loaded containers by free fall.




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