Performs the simulation of vertical, pitch and roll vibrations produced by various means of handling and transportation, thanks to its patented technology.
The system can be inside a climatic chamber that allows testing under real climatic conditions.

During transportation, the packaged goods experience different types of efforts which may affect its content and integrity. Movements during load and unload, vibrations in the vehicle and horizontal accelerations/decelerations incurred in transport by road, train or sea damage and deform packaging inducing safety risks.

Therefore, predicting the behaviour of packaged pallets during transport is a key issue to ensure safe transportation of goods. Simulation tests have proven their effectiveness to predict these issues.

For this reason, the European Commission has recently regulated the limits of deformation in packaging packaged loads during transport and they have begun to develop their own methodology to validate the safety of packaging (EUMOS5). Unfortunately, the ability of current testing machines to mimic real shipment of packed pallets is still limited and they cannot guarantee 100% to accomplish with this new legal framework.

Technical Specifications

  • Hydraulic power unit engine up to 90KW
  • Max operating pressure 280 bar
  • Working tension 380V
  • Aluminium alloy expander. Standard size 140 cm x 140 cm
  • Air dumpers for static load support
  • Structure reinforced with linear bearings
  • Built-in steel seismic mass with air suspensions for vibrations isolation
  • Vertical working stroke +/- 100 mm
  • Vertical working frequency up to 300 Hz.
  • Vertical Extension force @ 280 bar up to 50KN
  • Vertical Tensile force @ 280 bar up to 50KN
  • Servo valves with high dynamic response, (up to 200Hz) for vertical cylinder
  • Pitch & roll working stroke +/- 75 mm (Total 150 mm)
  • Pitch & roll Max frequency up to 20Hz
  • Pitch & roll Force @ 280 bar +42,00 KN and –21,00 KN
  • Servo valve with high dynamic response for pitch & roll

Complies with

  • ISO 2247:2000 Packaging: Complete, filled transport packages and unit loads. Vibration tests at low frequency
  • ISO 13355:2001: Packaging: Complete filled transport packages and unit loads. Vertical random vibration tests
  • ASTM D4728-06(2012): Standard test method for random vibration testing of shipping containers
  • ASTM D999-08 Standard test methods for vibration testing of shipping containers

Capable to reproduce the impacts of the following standards

  • EN 15552:2008 Packaiging: Complete, filled   transport packages and unit loads. Performance   testing schedules for common distribution chains
  • ASTM D4169-09: standard practice for performance testing of shipping containers and systems
  • ISTA Procedures 1A, B, C, D, E, G, H; 2A, B, C; 3B, E, H; K; 4 Series; 6-FEDEX-B; 6-SAMSCLUB