Safe Load Testing Technologies Project


Nowadays big brand owners, packaging manufacturers and logistic companies faces losses of €50.000 million/ year worldwide due to goods damages during transportation. At the same time, governments across the world are implementing rigorous guidelines to ensure quality of packed goods and safety during their delivery. Packaging testing is an integral part of these initiatives as it simulates the risk damages experienced by the packed goods (boxes, pallets or loads) during their distribution.


In Europe, the European Commission has established the directive 2014/47/EU for safe shipment of goods. Next year, in May 2018, this directive will force all the transport players to ensure the stability and safety of the loads from detrimental movements.


Furthermore, aligned with the environmental European regulatory D1994/62/CE for packaging waste reduction, our system helps the optimization of packaging material, reducing the extra material and saving at least €800 million/year.


Our solution is the first European tool to reproduce the transportation risks events such as drops, impacts, vibration and compression for packed goods. With TranSafeLoad we aim to launch to the market an integral solution with the broadest load range for packaging test simulation (from small boxes to 2 Ton loads) and able to reproduce real 3D movements, thanks to its patented mechanism.